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Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage 

A little about the history of Thai Yoga Massage:

Thai Yoga Massage has a long history of therapeutic healing with its early roots originating from Northern India some two and a half thousand years ago. Evidence of this can be found in the Theravada Buddhist scriptures in a section called the Palli Canon. Thai People still honour the founder Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha today known as the father of medicine. Thai Yoga Massage origins most definitely lie in the traditional Indian System of healing Ayurveda. 

What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga massage is given on a futon on the floor, the receiver is fully dressed wearing comfortable clothes ( such as you would wear in a Yoga or gym class) the massage targets the 10 major Sen ( energy) lines of the body, the 10 have been selected especially for the therapeutic pressure points , by massaging thee points and lines it is possible to treat a whole range of health disorders, disease's and relieve pain.

Working on these 10 lines brings back balance and harmony when worked from one end of the body to the other, working the entire body will restore wellbeing an unblocking any blockages within the lines stimulating and restoring the natural flow of energy. Blocked lines can contribute to disease, sickness and general fatigue and a feeling of unwell. The practitioner will give the massage in a meditative way working through the whole body in a relaxing systematic manner. it is said to be an act of Metta ( which translate to "loving kindness meditation")

What to expect once you have received a Thai Yoga Massage?

After your massage you will feel completely relaxed and calm, you may feel extremely tired especially if any of your energy lines were blocked, this can last for a few hours or even days, but will be followed by a feeling of euphoria and restored energy and balance.

Thai Yoga Massage Cost:

The whole massage takes 2 hours however, this can be modified to work on specific areas to suit the amount of time you have available


2 hours full massage - £65

1.5 Hour modified massage - £55 

1 Hour massage working on specific area - £45 

45min Foot Massage £35


To Book please contact 07581 369 776

Thank You x


Class Types

I am often asked what type of Yoga I teach, although I am Sivananda trained I also include many other styles I have picked up along the way, such as Vinyasa flow, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Iyengar, depends on the class I am teaching, my priority is that its simple safe but effective.

For additional information please contact us or call us on 07581 369776.

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